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House of HOSe



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  • RAW Designed it for a better HOSing experience and how can one enjoy HOSe if your clothes get burned by ash. Thus, these trays are perfect to HOSe and these portable ashtrays are easy to carry and you can HOSe easily
  • Please ensure you from OutonTrip, OutonTrip deals into only original Rolling paper, Tips/Roaches and genuine high quality HOSing accessories
  • The RAW Ashtray is made of Nylon that is heat resistant and the ashtray never heats up due to its material while HOSing. You can HOSe freely without any burns
  • The RAW Ashtray HOSing accessory is all you need my friend. It is not just an ordinary ash tray that is used to drop down your ash but, in fact it can hold your joint or cigarette in it and you can HOSe freely
  • The RAW innovation is nothing less than a cherry on top of pie
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